Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Testing Out First PDF Ever!

I have never done a "printable" on my main blog site
Miss Kopy Kat.
For St. Patrick's Day 2013 I wanted to try some printables that did not
require a color printer for readers to have a fun product.
My thoughts were that inexpensive plain paper could be embellished
by anyone printing the sayings/blessings/prayers/wishes out OR
the text could be printed out on a colored piece of paper or even 
scrapbook paper.

Here goes:

Ummm...that didn't work :(  .
I moved the text from Print Shop to my blog photos in
PDF format...thought that would work but the photo link
says now that it has to be JPG, GIF, or PNG. 
Hope all that work of typing out the sayings is not lost.

OK...was able to go back to Print Shop and export the texts in JPG.
Then added them to my Picasa album...lets see if that works. 

Well, it shows up here but when I tried to move it over to my computer, it shows up
really small as an image.  Then I couldn't figure out how to make it print.
Really, I have lots of more urgent things to do so I am going to have to forget 
learning how to make this printable for anyone else this for the time being.  

Craft fail!

November trying Pic Monkey for printables...let's see if this works:
(this is two 5"x7" printables on one 8.5"x11" sheet of paper)

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